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Our pigs are rotated weekly onto new pasture and feed certified organic feed just for you.  Pigs will be butchered around March 30th 2023 and available for pick up in late April.

The total price of the pig is $7.00/lb multiplied by the hanging weight from the butcher’s invoice.  Our pigs average hanging weight is between 175 to 200 lbs for a whole pig.  Carcass conversion is approximately 65%, so you will receive between 112 to 130 lbs of retail cuts from the carcass.  Buyers pay the butcher directly for the processing which averages between $220-$250 depending on if you order additional value added products such as brats and sausage links.

For example a 250lb pig should have a hanging weight of 200lbs.  If you multiple the 200lb handing weight by $7.00/lb you will owe Alpine Forest Farm a total of $1,400 and Ebel’s General Store $230.  This should provide you with about 130lbs of custom retail meat cuts at an average price of $12.53/lb.  Cuts will include bacon, sausage, ground pork, pork shoulder (Boston Butt), pork chops, ribs, tenderloin, ham, and roasts.

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