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Many people have found it difficult to make hard boiled eggs from farm fresh eggs. We are writing to share how we do it at Alpine Forest Farm. The eggs we are using today came from our layers and were collected the previous evening.

Happy layers in our winter housing.
Fresh eggs collected last night.


  1. Fill the stock pot with an inch to two inches of water.
  2. Bring to a boil.
  3. Place eggs in a single layer in the steam pan or collinder.
  4. Place steam pan or collindar into the stock pot and place lid on top.
  5. Steam for 13-15 minutes depending on the size of the farm fresh eggs.
  6. Remove steam pan or collindar from the stock pot and place in sink for a cold rinse.
  7. Once eggs have cooled, mark and put in fridge to enjoy later or have one freshly cooked.
  8. To peel eggs first knock gently on the counter or plate all the way around the egg so that it has a spiderweb of cracks.
  9. Start the peel by picking away a small section of shell.
  10. Complete the peel by pulling up the membrane the egg shell is attached to and removing the rest of the shell in a single piece.
Stockpot with colander or Steam Pan.
Stockpot filled with 1-2″ of water.
Stockpot with boiling water ready for the colander full of eggs.
Colander of eggs placed in stockpot.
Lid placed on stockpot while the eggs steam.
Timer set for 13-15 minutes depending on size of eggs.
Steamed Eggs getting a cold rinse.
Cooled eggs ready to be peeled or marked and placed in fridge.
Blue eggs are fun.
Knock the egg on the counter or plate all the way around.
Once you pick away a small section of shell you should be able to peel the whole egg at once by grabbing the membrane and pulling the egg out of the shell.
A perfect hard boiled egg from fresh eggs at Alpine Forest Farm.

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