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Have you ever heard someone at the farmers market talk about a CSA?

We throw around the term “CSA” like everyone at the farmers market knows what we are talking about.

So what is a CSA? And how does it work? What is it all about?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a farming model where shoppers buy “shares” of a farm’s harvest in advance. Shoppers become CSA members by paying the investment at the beginning of the growing season, either in one lump sum or in installments.

At Alpine Forest Farm we offer a “Market Card CSA”, this allows customers to choose what product they want to buy rather than locking them into a “Meat Box” that the farmer choses. This prevents you from getting product that you don’t want to eat or have to learn how to cook.

Front of our market card

This upfront payment helps us as the farm to buy baby chicks and pigs, to buy their feed, and to build needed infrastructure on the farm at the start of the season without going into significant debt.

By paying at the beginning of the season, our CSA members share in the risk of production and helps the farm weather the large investment at the beginning of the season. We have our product “pre-sold” and can concentrate on good land stewardship and growing premium quality meat.

New Baby Chicks

In return for their membership, customers receive a gift card to use at the farmers market, online, or at the farm to buy the eggs, poultry, and pork they want to eat all year long. We raise our animals on grass all summer long and feed them certified organic feed that creates a wonderful eating experience with whatever recipe you choose.

We also offer on-farm activities for our CSA members, further strengthening their connection with the land, their farmers who help feed them, and other community members.

How’s that for an explanation of “CSA”?

If you’d like to take the plunge and try it out, you can now sign up for our Market Card program for 2024 in increments from $250 to $2000. We have a tiered discount program from 5% to 10% so you save more the more you invest with our farm. If you buy the middle tier of $1000 for $920 you can spend an average of $25/week with us for 40 weeks from February to December and skip the weeks you are on vacation or can’t make it to the market.

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